Top 5 Baddest Lil kesh instrumentals for Afro Rap Music covers

Today, we are bringing you the best Lil kesh instrumentals for all your Afro rap music and covers this year. Lil kesh has built a solid reputation for his music since launching the YAGI brand, and ever since then, the street just can’t get enough of him. We have handpicked some of Lil kesh beats that we think are the baddest and hottest right now, and we hope you can have some fun on some of these beats on our list. Check them below:


  1. Semilore – This Lil kesh instrumental sets up perfectly for a fast rap with a good back up whistling and air trap that gives it that kinda dance vibe. The beat was produced by Dicksons Productions. Download it here: 
  2. Ibile – This beat strikes me as a very good hybrid beat. You could ideally do a Naija pop or dancehall music on this beat, but then a fast rap can go well too if you know your onions. The beat was produced by BBeats Productions.Download it here: 
  3. Kojo – This Lil Kesh beat is just the type of beat you would want to dance ‘shoki’ with. It also features a good rhythm that makes it good enough for your normal Afro rap. I guess Lil Kesh is the king of fast rap in Naija, which requires a high level of energy to perform. Download it here: 
  4. Efejoku –  This beat is a perfect dancehall or Naija pop beat for remix, covers and freestyles. In fact, this ‘Efejoku’ instrumental is made for the dance hall, with every sound keeping you dancing every time. If you plan to do a  fast rap that is yet danceable to, then this beat is yours. Download it here: 
  5. Rora – This Lil kesh instrumental is one perfectly cool Naija party jamz instrumental as reproduced by Everyoung (youngzy), the producer. If you want to do a good Afro rap or a cover, fix or remix for Lil Kesh’s ‘Rora’, then you’ve got a nice beat here:

So, there you have it. Our top 5 baddest Lil kesh instrumentals for your Afro rap music and covers this year. You could also do Naija pop on some of the beats on this list, depending on your talent. Feel free to check other Lil kesh instrumentals here and have some fun.