Top 5 Hottest Runtown instrumentals for Afropop music Covers

In this post, we’ll be bringing you some of the hottest Runtown instrumentals for your Afropop music and covers this year. Runtown has been the Naija artiste that has been giving us bangers from time to time now, and most of his beats are potential hit makers. You can use any of these Runtown instrumentals and do a good Naija freestyle or Afropop music in no time. Let’s take a look at some these hot beats below:


  1. Chege – This Runtown instrumental is a slow rhythmic beat that will flow well with most naija pop songs and party jamz. I particularly like the whistling in the background and the stop at intervals for a new line. Download it here: 
  2. Energy – This is one of the coolest Runtown instrumentals I’ve ever listened to. As produced by Fizzy Beats Productions, this beat is clear, simple and ready for any good Hip Hop music. If I was to choose any of Runtown’s beats, I’d choose this one. Download it here: 
  3. Mad Over You – This is a cool Afrobeat kind of instrumental that begins with a perfect intro. As produced by Kezzyklef productions, this beat is uniquely outstanding, and the meaning of the song is quickly known. It’s a perfect beat to do a cover for the Runtown’s song. Download it here: 
  4. For Life – This Runtown instrumental is just smooth, with a universal feel. I feel that you could do a couple of genres sucessfully on this beat. Maybe R&B, Highlife and Naija pop. Download it here: 
  5. Lagos to kampala – If I was on a long journey, I would listen to any song with this beat. I mean, this beat is just effortlessly cool without too much banging noise. Just like the Runtown ‘For Life’ instrumental, I feel that this beat will flow well for other genres like R&B, soul and even freestyle. Download it here: 

There you have it. some of the hottest Runtown instrumentals this year so far. In fact, I feel Runtown is ruling the Naija Afropop music niche for now. You can do your covers or freestyles on any of these beats or check some Afrobeat instrumentals here for your singing pleasure. Enjoy!