Top 5 Hottest Tekno instrumentals for Naija Music covers

We are glad to bring you some of the best Tekno instrumentals for your Naija music, covers and remixes this year. Tekno has been giving us bangers and hits back to back since 2015, with some of the hottest beats in the mix. We’ve taken the time to select the top 5 hottest of all Tekno’s music instrumentals, and we hope you would love them. Check them below:

  1. Duro – This instrumental is a hot club banger for all dance songs. The rhythm of the beat is smooth and would flow well with any Naija pop or highlife music. The beat was produced by AJ Productions. Download it here: 
  2. Go – This Tekno instrumental as produced by Endeetones Productions is a hardliner Hip hop banger for all hip hop and party jamz music. I fancy rap to flow well with this beat as well. Download it here: 
  3. Pana – Everyone knows this beat just from the sound of it, add that one of Tekno’s most popular songs was done on this beat and you’ll begin to see why you should love it. As produced by YungKlev productions, this beat is a cool Afrobeat instrumental that would fit in with any Afrobeat, Naija pop and R&B music. Download it here: 
  4. Rara – This Tekno instrumental features a kinda heavy beat that could pass in between afrobeat and hip hop, maybe ideally, afropop or Naijapop?. But be sure that any cool Naija song that isn’t rap will flow well with  this beat
  5. Samantha – You can’t argue that Tekno’s single titled ‘Samantha’ was a hit in the Nigerian music industry and among Naija music fans. But this beat is even more exceptional as there is a unique dance feel to it that will make you want to dance. This is definitely a Naija dancehall hip hop banger anyday anytime. Download it here:

With these beats, you can make any cover or remix for Tekno’s most popular songs. You can also do other related Naija songs in the same genre. If you are going to be working from your own home studio, then you will surely enjoy these beats.

There you have it. The top 5 Hottest Tekno instrumentals for your Naija music and covers this year. I fancy someone grabbing Tekno’s attention by doing a beautiful Cover for any of his songs using one of the beats on this list. if you want something creative, you can do a unique beat using our free beat maker tool. Make sure to have some fun!