Top 5 Hottest Kiss Daniel instrumentals for Afrobeat Music Covers

Want some of the best Kiss Daniel instrumentals for your Naija music covers and remixes? Look no further as we have handpicked the top 5 hottest Kiss Daniel beats that will get you singing, dancing and grooving in no time. With these beats, you can produced some good Afrobeat music or just freestyle for your own pleasure. If you’re a Kiss Daniel wannabe, then these beats are just about right for you. Check them below:


  1. Laye – This Kiss Daniel instrumental is simply a typical Kiss Daniel classic – the kind of Afrobeat instrumental we’ve come to know Kiss Daniel for. This beat will fit in well for most Naija pop music and even rap, if used by a very experienced artiste. I also think this beat will work well for movie productions too, maybe a background music for a fun scene. Download it here:
  2. No Do – This beat is actually a popular Afro pop instrumental beat that many Kiss Daniel fans have come to love. As produced by Dj Smith, the beat comes with some unique sounds that I really enjoyed, especially the drum roll that comes at intervals. The beat will fit in well with most hip hop or Naija pop as it is now known. Download it here:
  3. Mama – This Kiss Daniel instrumental is a sweet Naija Dancehall beat that will light up any party jamz any day. If you’re looking to make a song or cover with the aim of getting people to dance and groove, then you’ve got the right beat right here. Download it here:
  4. Yeba – Ok, we all know and agree that Kiss Daniel only knows how to do hit songs. This instrumental is definitely new and on the high. It is just everything an afrobeat should be – and thanks to the impressive Endeetones for remaking this beat perfectly. Download it here:
  5. Sin City – This Kiss Daniel instrumental is a Hip hop beat that is uniquely different from the beats we’ve known Kiss Daniel for. In fact, it’s a pure hip hop instrumental and sounds hard enough to do a rap song on it, even. You could record Naija style on this beat too and tweak it to be dancehall or party jamz, depending on what genre of music you want to produce. This ‘Sin City’ beat was reproduced by PBoi, the awesome producer. Download it here:

There you have it. The 5 hottest Kiss Daniel instrumental for your Afrobeat music covers and remixes. I must confess, almost all the beats on this list are hot! Very hot! and I expect some good music covers to be done on them as well. You can find more afrobeat instrumentals here or just make your own unique beat with our free beat maker software. Enjoy!