Top 5 Baddest Maleek Berry Instrumentals That Are Hot Right Now

Today, we are bringing you some of the best Maleek Berry instrumentals that we think are on fire right now. Maleek Berry has been on the limelight since last year after he released two hit songs back to back. But that is not all. His music and instrumentals are on our wanted list and we thought it wise to share with you. If you are looking to do a cover for any of Maleek Berry’s songs, then some of these instrumentals will interest you. Here are the 5 Baddest Maleek Berry instrumentals right now:


  1. Been Calling – This Maleek Berry instrumental is a straightforward hiphop instrumental that is typically made for hiphop, rap and freestyle songs.You can’t make a dancehall music from this beat, but you definitely can do a banger. Download the beat here: 
  2. Easy Yo – This is a really cool dancehall reggae beat that will flow well with any hip hop music as well. If you are looking to do a cover for Maleek Berry’s ‘Easy Yo’ song or just looking to freestyle on the fly, this beat will do it for you. Download it here: 
  3. Let Me Know (Trap Version) – This Maleek Berry instrumental is actually an R&B Trap version, so it’s slightly different from the actual ‘Let Me Know’ instrumental, but interesting nevertheless. I like the fact that it was tweaked with a touch of trap in it, making it also good enough for rap music. Download it here: 
  4. Pon My Mind – As the title says, this one is straight up a Naija pop sound popularly known as the ‘Pon-Pon’ sound. As produced by JazzWizzy Productions, this beat will go with any Naija pop, rap mix or hype song. Download it here: 
  5. Kontrol – Just listening to this beat, you’d feel the touch of Maleek Berry on it. A cool Naija dancehall and hip hop beat that can fire up any party jamz. The tempo is just about right, with a good touch of Naija that will make anyone feel at home on this beat. Download it here: 

There you have it. Our top 5 baddest Maleek Berry instrumentals that we think are making waves right now. Jump on any of the beats, and you’ll be given yourself the chance to create a song that the fans are craving for right now. You can find other ‘Pon-Pon’ Naija pop instrumentals here. If you want to create your own unique beats, kindly use our free beat maker here for free. Download and enjoy!